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dCS Paganini CD/SACD Transport

Код: 70232

Our design philosophy behind the Paganini range was to build a system as close as possible in performance to Scarlatti, but more accessible. The same high engineering standards and electronics are common throughout the dCS product ranges.

The Paganini range has a similar feature set to Scarlatti with the main differences being in the chassis, CD/SACD transport mechanism and the remote handset. These differences mean little is lost in the resulting musical performance and we think Paganini has a very special kind of magic.

The Paganini range is built to the highest specifications, it features a sleek solid aluminium fascia, thick aluminium casing, all metal buttons and a smooth transport mechanism. The Paganini Transport uses the TEAC EsotericTM UMK5 mechanism which is solidly constructed and features a metal tray built specially for dCS. All signal processing and electronics in the Transport is dCS.

Paganini Transport upsamples CD data to DSD and transmits the data over the 1394 interface. SACDs are played in their native DSD format, again over the 1394 interface. Native CD data is available from 4 PCM outputs (2x AES3 and 2x SPDIF), as is down-sampled SACD data.

Paganini Transport is intended to be used with the matching Paganini DAC or with any suitable industry standard DAC. The unit may be run in Master mode or by using the DAC as the system clock. Performance will be enhanced further by adding the Paganini Clock to the system.

All of the Paganini products benefit from our ‘soft` approach to programmable logic, which allows new software to be loaded from a dCS update disc to add new features and adapt to changes in digital formats.

Цена: 21,000.00лв.
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  • type
  • Upsampling CD/SACD Transport
  • finish options
  • Silver or Black
  • dimensions
  • (W) 460mm x (D) 420mm x (H) 113mm/

    (W) 18.0” x (D) 16.5” x (H) 4.4”

    Allow extra depth for cable connectors 

  • weight
  • 11.5kg/25.3lbs
  • CD mechanism
  • Dual laser CD/SACD mechanism. (Esoteric UMK-5™).
  • converter type
  • CD data is available as native 16/44.1 and upsampled to DSD.

    SACD data is available as native DSD and down-sampled to 16/44.1.

  • analogue outputs
  • N/A
  • digital I/O

    IEEE 1394 interface on 2x 6-way connectors. The interface outputs dCS-encrypted DSD (1 bit data at 2.822MS/s) whether a CD or SACD is playing.

    2x AES/EBU on 3-pin male XLR connectors. Each outputs CD format data (16 bits at 44.1kS/s), whether a CD or SACD is playing.

    2x SPDIF on 2x RCA Phono connectors. Each outputs CD format data, whether a CD or SACD is playing.

  • word clock I/O

    Word Clock Output on 1x BNC connector. With the transport in Master mode, a TTL-compatible 44.1kHz word clock derived from the internal crystal oscillator is available on this output. The calibration accuracy when shipped is +/-10ppm, not temperature compensated.


    Word Clock Input on 1x BNC connector, accepts standard word clock at 44.1kHz. Sensitive to TTL levels.

  • clock frequencies
  • 44.1kHz in Master Mode.
    Calibrated within +/-10ppm,
    not temperature compensated.
  • residual noise
  • N/A
  • spurious responses
  • N/A
  • filters
  • N/A
  • software updates
  • Updates loaded by CD-R.
  • software version
  • 1.02
  • local control
  • Metal-cased IR remote control provided or RS232.
  • power supply
  • Factory set for 100, 115, 220 or 230  V  AC, 49 – 62Hz.
  • power consumption
  • 20 Watts typical/ 30 Watts maximum.

Цена: 21,000.00лв.
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